Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Megan Mullenax & Crystal Vicars-Pugh

Megan Mullenax & Crystal Vicars-Pugh are ISU MFA painters. They recently had a show at the ISU University Art Gallery.

Megan creates scenarios that refer to war and bombs but includes such things as rabbits with blue-tooth devices. She also has prints satirizing some of the fear tactics which have become part of the "war on terror". The world of war is turned on it's head.


Crystal Vicars-Pugh has developed a style where she creates abstract natural forms which are painted over, "veiled". This creates a layering effect and a sense of depth and curiosity about what is hidden. Shapes and colors - recently she has been experimenting with brighter colors and more obvious natural forms.


IU - MFA art 2009

It's always interesting to see what art is coming out of the MFA program at IU.

The first image shows paintings by Allyson Smith. She has been working with figurative imagery. I found it interesting the way in which the images faded out, were painted over, etc.


The next is a more traditional approach. Good painting, color. Figures and interiors.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chakaia Booker

Some groups in Terre Haute got together to commission a permanent sculpture from New York artist, Chakaia Booker. Like most of her recent work, it is made from old tires - transformed into art. I think it's great.

I do like some of her looser things, but this piece shows more of her textile background/thinking. I also enjoyed hearing her talk about her work. And her wearable sculpture.____________________________________

Indianapolis recently had a temporary outdoor exhibit, MASS TRANSIT, of several of her pieces - displayed around town.